Entrevista a Anja Schneider

Anja Schneider Interview

BEATMASH MAGAZINE: Hi, nice to talk with you. First of all, we would like to know which were your first contacts with electronic music?

ANJA SCHNEIDER: First and most influencial for me were bands like Kraftwerk then later Depeche Mode and The Cure which I was listening to when I was young. It was really obvious that they touched me like no one before, and that this is new music and a new movement that I wanted to be part of.

BM: You’ve been in the electronic music scene for 25 years, which was your turning point of your career?

AS: The turning point was for sure to make the decision to work 100% in music and do what I love and had my passion for. It’s not easy to make this decision but everyone in music comes to this point in his life: music and passion or having money. Not everyone makes money out of it and can have a life. Thank god it worked out for me.

BM: Next November, “SoMe” is going to be released, 9 years after Beyond The Valley. Why so long?

AS: I was not lazy; I made a bunch of EPs and remixes and also a release on Knee Deep in Sound, but for an album it has to be an developing process which I was in. You have to find your sound, your ideas, while also diving deep into your musical roots. That takes time and you need to be focused. This all needs to happen naturally in time.

BM: What can we expect from SoMe? How would you describe its sound?

AS: It’s absolute Anja Schneider. I was never afraid of melodies, have a huge love for the Detroit sound and I love dance tunes. It’s kind of a historic walk back to my musical roots and steps. But an easy walk 🙂

BM: Do you have planned a Live show to accompany the release of the album?

AS: No not at the moment. But I would not be not feeling comfortable with this. I love to be a DJ and love to play music of other talents. I feel a bit shy to play my own music when it’s out.

BM: It will be released via Sous Music, your new label. How did the idea of the record label emerge? Which differences can we find between Sous and mobilee?

AS: It’s a label what I’m doing completely in my own direction. I working alone don’t have an massive set-up with offices and team behind me that puts financial pressure to play the big game. I had to feel more free and do it artistically in my own way.

BM: Which is the last label that surprised you?

AS: I really love Hotflush records but it’s not fair to only name one because there are so many good and new ones. It’s a big change at the moment and some very interesting new artists and labels popping up that gives the whole scene a different flavour. I find this amazing.

BM: If you had the Delorean from Back To The Future, where would you like to travel?

AS: I’m not sure but maybe into the ‘20’s to Berlin or Paris? But honestly I love to live in this time. I was lucky enough to be a part of the beginning of the techno scene and that was great for me.

BM: If you had to choose 3 relevant artists in electronic scene, what would be?

AS: Underground Resistance – ok it’s not an artist, but a label, but I must include them as they changed my life. They increased a sound which stays forever and influenced so many upcoming artists. For me, they invented techno.

Richie Hawtin – because he’s constantly working out new ideas and concepts to make the scene more interesting. Rather than putting himself first, he’s instead always thinking of the concept of techno first and developing gear, ideas and his own creativity. He’s one of the most symphonic nerds on earth.

Avalon Emerson – Avalon for the new ideas, the new sound and the new female future she brings, with brains, balls, skills, creativity and kindness.

BM: If you were not a musician, what would you have been?

AS: I would love to be a writer.

BM:Thank you so much for dedicate us this time in order to beatMash Magazine’s audience know you more about your life and work.

Anja Schneider: Facebook, Soundcloud

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