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Now that you have started the Caspa 500 project, what should we expect from the album «500»?

Cinematic, dark music that has been selfishly made for my own pleasure, with the intention to play to crowds smaller than 500 people in basements. The music has been well received by the supporters and it is enabling me to see my vision become a reality.

Why have you chosen that name for the album? What does “500” mean for you?

It stems back to my journey to becoming a producer and DJ, the number 500 has been significant in several different ways. When I pressed my first ever vinyl release, I got 500 copies and aimed to sell them all. When I was DJing at early events, there were usually around 500 people attending. It made sense to link back to this time, as that is the vibe I am trying to recreate with the project.

Is it your most personal project until now?

The process of writing has been the most carefully thought out album of the three. I’ve given myself time to grow as a producer, which has enabled me to create my best work yet. Having the vision and seeing it become reality has been very inspiring for me.

You have been in this game for a long time, what motivates you to continue making music and shows?

As long as people embrace what I’m doing, I will continue to be involved in music, whether that’s playing shows or producing.

Beatport reports that dubstep sales have broken down in the last year, is dubstep living in its worst moment?

If I was only writing music based upon reports presented by retailers, I would have stopped a long time ago. To have the support of the stores is always a great thing, but when we first started, that was something that had to be built. So the fact that dubstep may be considered to be at a low period, we can use this time to build it up to what it has been before and what we know it can be.


Some people add dubstep and trap into the EDM movement, what do you think about that? What does EDM mean for you?

EDM is a term coined by the US market to gather all the electronic genres under one name. If we did the same with sports, for example – every sport played with a ball could not come under the same umbrella. Each one has its differences that fans love it for, and the same can be said for all of the electronic genres.

You are currently on a North American Tour, what’s the difference between the attendees in Europe and the US?

To be honest, depending on where I play, there are always going to be major similarities. Because everything is so joined now, I wouldn’t really want to separate US or European crowds. There will always be people at events that are fully into the sound and are expecting me to present the newest music. In the same places there are people who want to hear the classics. It’s always nice when I play to a city and I can take them on a musical journey of all the sounds.

If you had the Back To The Future’s Delorean, when and where would you like to travel? And why?

I would go back to 1994 and attend some of the Jungle raves that my brother used to have tape packs of, that I’d listen to. I missed out on them because I wasn’t old enough to attend. They played a big part in inspiring me on my musical journey.

When will we see Caspa live in Spain?

I’m now working with my European agent to schedule a 500 European tour; if Spain invites me then I’ll come!

Nice to talk with you!

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