Entrevista a Getter

BEATMASH MAGAZINE: Hi Getter, nice to talk with you. Tell us about you, What were your first steps in music?
GETTER: Heyy!!! When I first started in music I played guitar and drums for a few failed high school metal bands. I later found out that you can make music solo on a laptop and persued.

BM: What are you the most proud of on the new ‘Radical Dude EP’?
G: I think I’m most proud of the variety of the EP as a whole. Artists shouldn’t be limited to making one or two styles, I think it’s important to showcase all your skills.

BM:In this new record there is an evolution in your sound, What is it due to?
G: The Evolution of my sound throughout this EP and the EPs before is just I put down the imaginary guard I had up and just did what I want. I kept making up rules in my head about how stuff should be or how it should sound. So now I no longer have that and I just make what I feel, it makes for a super ‘out there’ sound.

BM: The majority of EP’s songs are focused for the dance floor, but ‘Forget It’ attracts attention, it’s one of the best tracks on the record and it is completely different from the rest, more relaxed and hypnotic. Do you think that your sound could go in that direction?
G: I think it already has gone in that direction. By now people know I have a softer side and that I love to work with ‘tree’. I can easily say there will be a lot more songs like this one in future.

BM: What’s it like working with OWSLA?
G: It’s definitely a great experience. They love treating their artists great and making their visions come true. They have such an amazing team that is responsible for my releases. I tell them my thoughts and they make it happen. I love them.

BM: The EP’s artwork it’s quite striking. Who created it and why did you go with that design?
G: My friend sus boy created it! I wanted a not so serious art piece that shows a comedic/ twisted vibe. People know by now I’m a funny dude so I wanted to sort of blur the lines between music and comedy.


BM: On many records you have the vocal support of other artists. What singer would like to collaborate with?
G: I really, really have been into Kai and also George Maple but currently I’m aiming for more rappers in my music. Preferably underground rappers.

BM: Recently you’ve produced music for ‘Underground Underdog’ of Pouya, How was that experience?
G: Best experience in music so far. It was my first real rap project, and Pouya has been my favourite rapper for a while now. He gave me a chance to do a few songs with him, and he loved them. So it kind of happened naturally, and I can’t wait for round 2! Hip hop is definitely my favourite stuff to produce.

BM: You have played at a lot of festivals but which festival would you like to play?
G: Coachella!!!

BM: Do you think dubstep is less popular than a few years ago?
G: No. I think people want to believe it is because they are hipster ass holes. But it’s stronger than ever. It had such a huge impact I think it’s going to take a lot to make it die or go away.

BM: Some time ago, Mat Zo shared a list of DJs who used ghost-producers, and some of them didn`t see that with good eyes. Do you think that electronic scene should indicate DJs who use ghost-producers?
G: I mean as long as they are paying their way. If they want someone to write their music for them they should treat their producers like kings. Pay them well, give them connections, just treat em right. They are building your image after all. So ghost writers are fair game in my book as long as they’re treated right.

BM: What do you enjoy most: playing or producing music?
G: Producing music all day.

BM: If you were not a musician, what would you have been?
G: Probably a comedian or an animator.

BM: If you had the Back To The Future’s Delorean, where would you travel?
G: I would go back to caveman times and give them all the current technology so they shit their pants!

Thanks, A great pleasure!!

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