Entrevista a Housemeister

For someone who doesn’t know you yet, who is Housemeister?

i´m housemeister! I do techno! I´m dj & producer half a life and live in berlin since 1983. i´m boysnoize records artist and i have also my own label called AYCB. I released 5 albums, 3 on BNR and more than 40 ep´s, lot of vinyls. i remixed boys noize, zombie nation, paul kalkbrenner, dj deeon, robert armani, modeselektor, bonaparte and tesla286 and i got remixes from twr72, MIXHELL, feadz, boys noize, joe farr, djedjotronic, scntst, bonaparte, cosmin TRG or alexander kowalski and many more.

You have just released EP Zombie, what’s new in this new one?

Funny question. Its 5 tracks, they all new out on BNR. They all full analog recorded without computer.

Why did you call «Zombie»?

Because the synth sound of “zombie” is so weird, it reminds me to a walking zombie and then i designed this green artwork with the lady with the white eyes and everything was fitting perfect.

You have released several works this year in addition to EP Zombie. You released a record called «Game Over (The Gameboy Album)». Tell us how was this creation process and how did you have the idea?

The gameboy album was released last year on AYCB, after my op-1 album on BNR. Its a funny thing to make an full album just with one instrument.
The gameboy album i made actually in vacation on the beach with a gameboy, a good headphone and the program nanoloop. I also had a little audio recorder with me and recorded the tracks all live…. then i had like 16 tracks and i´ve never released it. But then 5 years later i found it back on my computer and i just deleted 5 tracks and then it was working. Haha.

Few years ago, you founded your own record label, AYCB Records. Which was your motivation to take this step? Which new artists will AYCB Records show us?

I had much more tracks as i could release on BNR, also i have my own taste and i like oldschool techno and detroit electro, and i need something more to do, then just makin music, i also love to do grafix and organisation, so i decided to reactivate my AYCB label in the beginning just for me, but then it grows and i have many new and oldschool artists, like dave tarrida, alexander kowalski as d_func., klienfeld from new york, deadwalkman from bogota, tesla286, hoshina anniversary from tokio or lado from berlin.

The next release comes from chicago legend robert armani with remixes from woody mc bride, alexander kowalski & mario berger and me housmeister =). I´m very proud to have this great artist on my label, i mean, i allways played his records, already in the 90ties.

Tell us your experience in BNR.

I´m one the longest member on boysnoize records. I met alex in 2002, later he asked me for a remix, after that i made my first ep (bnr08) and our story starts. we´re big friends now and i´m very happy to be part of it.

The music industry has changed a lot in the last years, especially now with the arrival of streaming platforms, which is not satisfying everybody. What do you think about this business model? Do you think this is beneficial for artists?

Nope, it doesn´t benefits the artists and i think its very annoying, but we can not change it. its too late.

TIDAL or Spotify?

No idea. I mean, i was fighting against very long, but its to easy and powerfull. now i moved my label to spotify too, knew that there comes not much money and maybe less people buy it… but fuck off. But how many monthly abo´s we can have?

Which new artist has surprised you the most in the recent years?

Paranoid London are great, also Clouds.

If you had the Delorean from ‘Back to the Future’, where and when would you like going?

I would go to the future in 1000 years, to see whats happen.

That is all, if you want to add any thoughts o reflection, we are listening to you!

Allways fight for your right!

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