Entrevista a Recondite

BEATMASH MAGAZINE: Hi, nice to talk with you. We would like to know which were your first contacts with electronic music?

RECONDITE: first contact was already early with for example Faithless – Insomnia. Or even also hip hop and it’s kind of mic drum machine beats. i picked up on this kind of electronically produced beat music quite early. later it evolved to more trip hop like Tosca, Fauna Flash, Kruder & Dorfmeister.

BM: When did you know that you want to be a musician?

R: I never knew that i wanted to be a musician and to be honest i still dont know.

BM: You have published a new EP, “Rainmaker”, on Afterlife Records, how have been the experience?

R:Very good. i m playing the tracks since a while and i’m very happy with the feedback. Was fun to produce the mix of tracks which are obviously for my life sets more than my recent album “Daemmerlicht”.

BM: What did you feel the first time that you played at Berghain?

R: It was at Panorama Bar within Scuba’s “Substance Night after Gilles Peterson and before maya Jane Coles. It was a crazy experience. This was in 2011 and i was not really experienced but it was so much fun! Of course i was a bit nervous before the set, but as soon as i was in the dj booth i was fine.

BM: Do you think that show changed your proffesional career?

R: It didn’t change it because there was no professional career before that. And also after that it took 2-3 years and many other things (like releasing on several labels, having my own label and getting to know more people working in this scene) until i was able to quit my other job and do music on a professional level.

BM: For those who have not seen you yet…What they could expect in your live at A Summer Story?

R: I don’t know yet how i’ll play yet myself. I have a few core tracks that i like to play a lot but other than that i try to react to the given circumstances so we’ll see what happens.

BM: If you had the Delorean from Back to the future, where would you like to travel?

R: Many places. But i d like to see my home area where i grew up like in the 1960ies somehow. I’d like to see how my parents and my family was at that time. I’d like to see how the landscaped and nature in this area changed throughout more than 50 years.

BM: What do you prefer… movies, tv series or books? Which has impressed you the most lately?

R: I read Homo Deus by Harari which i really liked. I’ve seen the movie “Downsizing” on a plane recently, i liked that one, and i’m watching this old Bavarian TV show about this yellow press journalist from Munich called “Kir Royal” at the moment. it’s quite funny!

BM: Which 3 electronic records are, for you, the best ever? What’s so special about it?

R: Difficult question! But…
Lawrence – Spark (holds all the groove, deepness and melancholy i love in electronic music)
Kraftwerk – Trans Europa Express (has this super futuristic vibe and a mesmerising hook line!)
Wighnomy Brothers – Bob (for me – perfect example for minimalism)

BM: Thank you so much for dedicate us this time in order to beatMash Magazine’s audience know you more about your life and work.

RECONDITE: Spotify, Soundcloud, Facebook

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