Entrevista a Vitalic

BEATMASH MAGAZINE: Why did you choose the name “Voyager” for the new album?

VITALIC: I chose that name because i realized that the main theme of the album was about evasion and experiencing some kind of retrofuturistic cosmic trip. I think that together with the artwork, the tittle is very descriptive of the music.

BM: With “Rave Age” you give us a more aggresive sound, but with “Voyager” you go back to your first work. What is the main reason?

V:When i released Rave Age it was a different time and as a result i have different messages and different stories to tell now. My 4 albums are all very different and i want that. My tastes evolve through time, and my music too. Voyager seems closer to OK Cowboy because synths and melodies are back again in the front of my music, while the energy is more disco and less techno.

BM: For us, one of the best songs of the album is “Hans Drivings” featuring Miss Kittin. How was the creative process of the creation?

V:I made an instrumental songs and i knew that i wanted the song to be about Hans, my tourbus driver taking me from a city to anotehr every night. Its also about the poetry of travelling with a team to make concerts and the great energy you get from it. I see Kittin once every month at an italian restaurant here in paris and after lunch i offered her to come over to my studio to listen to it. And she liked it straight so she decided to make the female voice. All the process was very quick.

BM: Who designed the album cover? What did you like to express?

V:The original collage is from Mariano, a guy from Argentina who is a great collage artist. Then i finished it with H5, a cool agency in Paris. I dunno what i wanted to express really, but i wanted to descibe a nice cosmic journey, something about the unknown with some dark sides, but oveall pleasant and positive.

BM: What were your influences when composing the album? What music did you listen during the record sessions?

V:I was listening a lot of disco of course, but also some weird stuff and some elctro. I enjoy music that brings you some energy, but that has kinky twist, something a bit deviant. Let’s say Rebolledo is like that. I am not sensitive to tech-house and any drum-based autopista music. Apart from that i can even get inspiration from classical music.

BM: In the majority of electronic music festivals, there is not too many acts in “Live” format – Sónar is a excepcion – , but, for example, in festivals like Tomorrowland or Creamfields, there are a lot of shows, but the majority are dj sets. Do you think that festivals should include more “Live” acts in their lineups?

V:I think that there are a lot of live acts around compared to some time ago… I see many new acts even coming with their synthesizers onstage. But yes there are more DJs. Its more convenient to DJ than to play live on festivals, also you need some team around and to make a soundcheck. Those are two different exercises.

BM: VTLZR was an awesome show. What can we expect from your new live, ODC?? How have you developed it?

V:The show was developped with All Access Design. The live show is really telling the story of the album in an arty and poetic way, yet with loads of energy. Its based on kinetics and the elements are moving in sync with the music; making some that are constantly evolving. For each track you have a different story.

BM: The electronic scene in France seems to relive a new youth. Besides the return of big artists, in the last years, very interesting proposals are emerging. How do you see the electronic scene in France? Are there any artist that we need to know?

V: Yes the scene is very interesting again and some fresh sounds are emerging. The new comers are making a weird electro pop influenced by the 80s, with good melodies and poetic lyrics. You should listen to Agar Agar, a band that is growing here.

BM: Your first release was in 2001. In the electronic music, there only a few chosen that can survive making music for so long. What is your secret?

V: Its true its a long time im in the game now, and if i didn’t realize that time was passing by so fast, i am very thankful for all the good things i experienced. I think it worked for me because i evolved with time, following my instincts. My position as an outsider is not always easy but its also helpful to not be flush with short life hypes.

BM: If you were not a musician, what would you have been?

V: i wanted to be a musician since i was 5. but otherwise i would have been a cook. But my dream was to be a pilot, which could have never happened because im color blind.

BM: If you had Back To The Future’s Delorean, where would you travel?

V: i would travel to NYC in the 70s to see the madness of disco at studio 54. But in Paris there are some great parties very similar called Madame Klaude, full of creatures and crazy people, so i kind of experience it. Maybe if i have only one trip then i could do something useful instead, like preventing Kennedy to be killed by Oswald or something like that.

BM: Thank you so much for dedicate us this time in order to beatMash Magazine’s audience know you more about you.

V: You are welcome! thanks for your interest

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